Our <strong>talented team</strong> makes us strong
Our talented team makes us strong


At Newtronic we have over 20 years of experience in consulting and selling electric heating solutions, temperature sensors, automation and controllers, heat sinks and thermally conductive material. We have more than 1500 industrial companies on the customer list and extensive experience with customized solutions and good customer service.

Because even though we sell technical products to the industry, Newtronic is about people. Our employees should believe in Newtronic and be happy to go to work. And in the same way, it is our goal that all our partners are happy to work with us. This applies both to those who produce our products and to you as a customer who needs some of our solutions. We ensure this through openness, honesty, and dialogue.

Therefore, we also do our best every day to treat our customers and suppliers as we would like to be treated ourselves. It also means maintaining the status of orders and making sure that everyone is up to date and feels in safe hands when they are customers at Newtronic. We really appreciate the personal relationship with our partners.



When you work with us, we see you as a business partner. We don’t want to sell you “our” solution, we want to find a solution that fits you. That is why we always ask you a lot of questions about your project. We want to make your challenge easier to manage for both you and us. You are the expert on your process and your production. Therefore, it is always in cooperation with you and based on your information that we work on your solution.



When you contact us in connection with a project, we always start by asking about your project and your production. It is your challenge that is your starting point. Only when we know the circumstances, we can continue to work with you to find the right solution based on your company’s needs. That’s the philosophy of Newtronic.

We see the customers and suppliers as partners, and we believe that it is through an open dialogue with both parties that the best solutions arise. You are the expert in your process, and your production. Therefore, it is also in collaboration with you and based on your information that we work to make your solution.


The dialogue about
your challenge begins
We listen and ask
about your needs
We examine
the possibilities
We counsel and help you
find an optimal solution
You get a solution
that fits you

A good solution fits you

Newtronic is about people. It is vital that our employees believe in Newtronic and are happy to work here. It is equally important that our business partners are happy to do business with us. That goes for those who produce our products as well as for you, who are using our solutions. We ensure that through openness, honesty and dialogue.

Our focus is always the solution. Often, we can find a good solution together with our business partners. But sometimes we can’t supply the optimal solution. Therefore we have an open partnership with a range of businesses that are able to supply the solutions, that we can’t.