High flexibility and quick conversion at SKY-LIGHT

SKY-LIGHT is a privately held Danish company that was established in 1959. Today more that 140 dedicated employees make sure that the company produces more than 20,000 tons of foil and more than 650 mill subjects each year. The production runs seven days a week which ensures a high flexibility and quick conversion.

SKY-LIGHT’s focus on environment and resources means that they recycle production waste from both the extrusion and thermal shaping processes and have a close cooperation with customers and other business partners about recycling of production waste. They clean and process scrap (production waste) so that it can be used in the production of packings for the food industry.

In connection to that it is very important for SKY-LIGHT that their production equipment runs smoothly and that is why SKY-LIGHT have chosen to work with Newtronic. We deliver the heating elements that SKY-LIGHT use on various spots on their machinery to keep the raw materials at the right temperature when they run through the machines.You can read more about SKY-LIGHT on their website.

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