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Tubular heating elements

Tubular heating elements come in all shapes and sizes and are often custom made to fit the application. They are used for both fluid, air and contact heating, so what type of heating element to choose obviously depends on your application. The sooner you involve us in the process the better we can guide you to solution that fits. Don’t forget that we also deliver tubular heating elements for ATEX areas.

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Tubular heating elements
Tubular heating elements


  • Tubular heating elements for any job. Produced according to your specifications and used for e.g. air, fluid and contact heating.


  •           Diameter: 6,25mm, 6,5mm, 8,5mm, 14mm, 16mm
  •           Material: AISI304, AISI316L, AISI321, Incoloy 800+825, cobber, titan
  •           Many different possibilities for installations, nipples, flanges etc.
  •           Temperatures up to 900°C -Peak up to 1100°C
  •           Different possibilities for sealing to stop the magnesiumoxyd from absorbing moisture
Flange heaters
Flange heaters

Produced according to your design – different types, sizes and effects. We also have an extensive standard program.

Used for heating gasses, fluids and massive media with low melting temperatures.

  •           Produced in stainless steel AISI 316, 321 or incoloy 800
  •           Length: up to 9 meters
  •           Supply voltage up to 700 Volt
  •           Effect up to 5600 kW with temperatures up to 800°C
  •           Termination boxes according to class IP55, IP66 or II2G EEx-d IIC
  •           Produced according to CE-specifications or other recognized international standards
  •           ATEX approved for zone 1 group II 2G, II 2D, I M2, Ex d IIC and Exe is possible
Flange heaters - flow
Flange heaters - flow

Custom made according to your specific wishes and needs.

Used for heating all types of fluids – like water, oil, different gasses, steam, nitrogen, hydrogen and aggressive fluids.

  •           Length up to 9 meters
  •           Supply voltage: up to 700 Volt
  •           Effect: Up to 5600 kW and able to handle temperatures up to max 800°C
  •           Termination boxes according to class IP55, IP66, II2G EEx-d IIC
  •           Made according to international requirements such as PED, ASME and others
  •           Surrounding temperatures from -60°C to +60°C
  •           ATEX approval is possible
Flange heaters - complete solutions
Flange heaters - complete solutions

Complete solutions for heating processes. Assembled in a robust steel frame. Made according to specific requirements and wishes.

  •           Including flange heating element, valves, pumps and control panel with PID control
  •           Temperature and pressure sensors
  •           Overboil and overpressure fuses
  •           II2G EEx-d IIC (ATEX) version also possible
Duct heaters for electricity
Duct heaters for electricity

Duct heaters for heating ventilation air. Heats individual rooms / zones with built-in or external temperature control. Also used for heating entire houses/buildings in particularly vulnerable environments and in different industrial processes.

  •           Many different models and sizes in round or square shapes
  •           Effect: 0,5 kW to 2000 kW
  •           Standards: C to EN 15727, IP43 (IP55/IP65 on request)
  •           Built-in electronic flowmeter in some models
  •           Built-in or external temperature regulator
  •           Built-in overboil fuse
  •           Some models are usable at air speeds down to 0,5 m/sec (standard 1,5 m/sec)
  •           Many installation possibilities
Heat exchangers
Heat exchangers

For heating of all kinds of fluids, e.g. water, oil, different types of gas, steam, nitrogen, hydrogen and aggressive fluids.

Electric cartridges
Electric cartridges

Top quality electrical cartridges for heating fluids like water, oil, glycol etc.

Delivered with pipe material in stainless steel or incoloy and with or without junction box, thermostat and overboil fuse.

The IP65 junction box is the strongest and most shockproof on the market.

Produced by one of the leading manufacturers: Italian DhE.

We always have larges quantities in stock for fast delivery.

Our extensive stock program will take care of most challenges immediately.

  •           Huge stock program
  •           Day-to-day delivery
  •           Shockproof junction box – the strongest in the market
  •           With or without thermostat and overboil fuse

We also deliver custom designed electrical cartridges, tailor made for your needs. The sooner we are involved in the process the more we can contribute.


Used for climate / heat recycling and ventilation installations as well as heating and drying processes.