Green Solutions
Green Solutions


With Denmark's Climate Act from 2020 to reduce CO2 emissions from fossil fuels such as gas, oil and coal by 2030 by 70 percent - and that Denmark must be a climate-neutral society where no more greenhouse gas is emitted than is absorbed by 2050 - there is a strong focus on the green transition in many of the country's industrial companies.

According to the Danish Energy Agency, 70 percent of the gas used in the industry in Denmark and Europe can be electrified. Many of the customers will thus be able to electrify or convert their production to other fuels. For example, some may use light oils for a transition instead. However, it is relatively expensive and not that good for the climate.

If, on the other hand, you choose electric heaters, it provides a good opportunity to replace, for example, gas burners, because they can produce and maintain very high, stable temperatures. With the help of electric heating, you can heat any medium (gases, liquids, and solids) directly on the site where the heat is needed. If the heaters are even powered with renewable energy, then you can suddenly be faced with the industrial heating technology of the future well before 2050. We can help you with this transition.



When you contact Newtronic to hear more about transition from gas, oil or coal to electric heating, you are already on the right way. Together we will find the solution that best suit your production. With an electrified production you get:

  • Right now, gas is in potential shortage and if you use gas burners, you may therefore risk having to shut down the production.
  • A greener profile. Your company has made an active decision to reduce CO2 emissions.
  • The year 2050 may seem far away right now, but with threats to energy supply and fluctuating prices, it pays to be out in good time.
  • Good help and knowledgeable advice. We are with you all the way and make sure that you get the solution that suits you best.



Step 1: Contact

When you contact Newtronic, it is of course completely non-binding. We start with a talk about your business, your challenges, and your needs. Then we book a meeting together. It can either take place at your premises or via Teams, where we can talk more about the specifications of a possible solution.

Please contact us now. You can either contact us here or book a meeting with us here.


Step 2: Specification

How high temperatures do you need, do you need to build a switchboard for the control, what medium should be heated, is it in an ATEX-zone, what are your installation dimensions and material requirements?

These are many questions alone the way, but together we will uncover them all and find your specific needs. In this way, we can do what we do best – design a solution that is specifically adapted your production.

Would you like an example? Here you can read more about the customized solution we have delivered to Campen Machinery.


Step 3: Solutions designs

We calculate and find the solution that needs to be built to meet your specifications. Specifically, it concerns the type of heater, controllers, control, etc. Then we review the choices with you so that we can ensure a solution that is fully adapted to your production.

Then you get an offer for the solution. As soon as you have placed an order, we will start producing drawings of the overall solution. Afterwards, you will receive a final review where you can see the produced step files. In this way, we ensure that everything has been turned around before we start the production.


Step 4: Implementation:

When you order the customer designed solution, we have made for you, we immediately start the production and of course keep you well updated on delivery time, etc. You may also have somethings that needs to be prepared for before the installation. When the solution has been delivered you can start on the implementation and testing right away.


Step 5: Following up

Although the project is now complete, we will not let you go completely. We want to know how things are going. Therefore, we also allow ourselves to make a follow-up with you about 6 months after the implementation, so we can make sure that the solution works as is should.



There are several opportunities to apply for grants through different pools for the green transition in your production. Here you can read more about the State's grant pools, the Danish Energy Agency's grant pools and SME's grant pools.

If you need some guidance on this, you are also very welcome to contact us.