Custom made solutions
Custom made solutions


At Newtronic we know not all companies are the same. Standard solutions er not for all. We know this because over 20 years we have delivered customized solutions to customers in industries suck as machine builders, the pharmaceutical and food industries, etc., where there is a need for heating, air drying and evaporation. Many of the companies have high demands for data security and quality assurance, which they must live up to in their production. Therefor, we have a good understanding of the different processes, and our strong team of technical consultants can help you find the solution that best fits into your production.

We can deliver customer-designed solutions such as induvial components – including inline heaters, heating cartridges, duct heaters and temperature sensors – or total system solutions within both technical electric heating and heat sinks. If you need to customize a cooling profile, you can read more about the different options here.  

When it comes to technical electric heating and controlling the temperatures in your production, there are several things for you to consider. Do you only need to a customer-designed heating solution? Or are you looking for a total system solution consisting of heater, temperature sensors, regulator, and thyristor?

Maybe you have doubts. In that case, we are ready with advice and guidance. Because when you choose Newtronic, you get much more than just a supplier. We are your partner, and our technical consultants advise you on the best possible solution. You can contact us right here.




At Newtronic, we are specialist in consulting on designing and delivering complete electric heating solutions that covers heating, control and quality assurance which is adapted to our customers. Out total solutions are a combination of customized electrical heaters, switchboards, and controls from Eurotherm, providing a complete plug-n-play solution.  

When you choose a complete solution throw us you get an automated and electrified production.

We know many manufacturing and industrial companies have a great need for reliable power management without fluctuations. Through the dialogue with you, we ensure that the heater meets the requirements of your production, so product quality and the stability of the machines are improved.

With a complete heating solution consisting of heater, temperature sensors, regulator and thyristor, you get better durability and longer life of your heaters, as ell as a more stable heat on the heater.   

Do you want to know more? Read about the complete solution we delivered to Campen Machinery here.

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