SARCON Rubber Type

Thin Film With High Heat Conducting and High Electrical Insulation

Sarcon® Rubber type developed by our original studies are the epoch-making silicone rubber products with high insulative and thermally conductive properties as well as a high flame resistant or non-flammable property.


  • Has a thermal conductivity and excellent electrical insulation properties.
  • Available for tubes, tapes, Cases and Die-cut Gaskets shapes to meet various applications.
  • GTR, GHR, GSR, GAR; Heat conductive silicone rubber within Glass Fiber Cloth has excellent mechanical and physical characteristics.
  • UL94 V-0 certified.
  • Available with an Adhesive option.


SARCON® RUBBER TYPE’s versatility in thermal management applications is doubly enhanced by way of the variety of end-use configurations possible, and the many standard material formulations available in each.
The silicone rubber based materials offer other useful elements such as electrical insulation, protective covering and gasketing as integral features in most designs.

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