SARCON Grease Type

SARCON® SG-07SL and SG-26SL are highly thermally conductive, non-reactive silicone-based greases that offer low thermal resistance and maintain a nonflowable composition. Unique binding agents and produet formulation ensure the lowest amount of bleed and evaporation. Suited for thin bond line applications.

SARCON® Th SG-07NS, SG-26NS and SG-42NS are non-silicone, polysynthetic-based thermal greases that have high thermal conductivity properties. lnfused with heat-conductive metal oxides, this nonmigrating material operates consistently in high temperatures. SARCON® nonsilicone greases offer all the benefits of a siliconebased compound without the problem of contamination.


  • Silicone and non-silicone formulations.
  • Thermal conductivity up to 2.6 W/m-K.
  • Low bleed and evaporation.
  • No migration for non-silicone formulations over wide temperature range.
  • Non-toxic.
  • Thin bond lines 25µm(1mil}.
  • Easy to apply and re-work.


  • Standard de/de power converter and de/ae inverter.
  • High performance CPUs.
  • Between any heat generating semiconductor and heat sink.
  • Custom power modules.
  • Telecommunications and automotive electronics.

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