Phase Change Material

During warm-up over phase change temperature, phase change materials (PCM) start filling up surface-specific roughnesses and/or unevenesses and expel any air enclosures from micro structures. Convex and concave surface structures and stack up tolerances can widely be compensated by the use of these materials. Their thixotropic nature prevents run-out. The thicknesses are characterized by high process reliability what among others makes these films ideal for replacing thermal greases.


  1. PCM coated polymide film
  2. PCM film
  3. Aluminum film PCM coated
  4. Pyrolytic graphite film PCM coated
  5. Pre-applicable printable PCM compounds


  • Extremely low thermal resistances through optimum contact
  • Silicon-free
  • Easy pre-assembly
  • Process reliable coating thicknesses
  • Pre-applied and dry-to-the-touch printable types
  • Ideal replacement of messy thermal grease
  • Sheet or roll
  • Kiss cut parts
  • Die cut parts
  • Without or with adhesiveness to cover all over or with partial adhesiveness
  • Different thicknesses of phase change coating
  • Printable compounds in cartridges

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