Graphite Foils

Graphite foils consist of more than 98% pure natural graphite or are processed of synthetic pyrolytic graphite. Due to their flake-like shape they show anisotropic thermal conductivities in-plane (x-y-plane) and vertically (z-direction). Heat is then transferred away from hot spots in a directed way and spread within the interface material. Their softness allows for a very good compliance to the contact surfaces, thus minimizing the thermal contact resistance. Their low density compared to copper or aluminum makes them ideal for applications where low weight is required. The very high temperature resistance allows for the use in extreme hot environments. Due to their high flexibility pyrolytic graphite foils can be folded up to 180 ° without break.


  • Thermal conductivities up to 1,950 W/mK in-plane and 25 W/mK in through z-direction
  • Heat spreading from hot spots
  • Low thermal contact resistance through good surface compliance
  • Very low weight
  • Silicone-free
  • Extreme temperature range up to 400°C
  • No dry-up, migrating, run out or pump out
  • EMI-shielding through high electrical conductivity as side effect
  • 180°C foldable (pyrolytic graphite)
  • Sheet or Roll (natural graphite)
  • Die cut parts
  • Without or with tackiness
  • With or without dielectric films (PEEK, PI, PET)
  • With 2-side Phase Change coating

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