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Recorders and data requisition

Ensure your precious process data is kept safe with our range of state-of-the-art recorders and data management software. Along with some of the best, proven recording and archiving strategies, these recorders offer a wealth of functions including batch, audit trail, electronic signatures and remote viewing/operation – ensuring operational efficiency is optimised and enabling you to convert data into the information required to add value to a process.

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 TUS Auto Report Generator
TUS Auto Report Generator

Automated temperature uniformity survey reporting, part of AMS2750E pyrometry compliance.

Temperature Uniformity Survey reports are a mandatory part of AMS2750E pyrometry compliance and the report content and format are well defined in the specification.

Review QuickChart
Review QuickChart

Review QuickChart – Historic Data Viewing & Reporting.

Review QuickChart provides a quick, simplified method for viewing history files generated by Data Acquisition/Recording products (PKD or UHH files); these include the Eurotherm® 4000, 5000 and 6000 Series, the Eycon™ Visual Supervisor and Security Manager Audit files.


Review – Historic Data Viewing & Reporting.

Eurotherm Review is a PC based software package that allows the display and printing of archived data files from the Eurotherm range of Data Acquisition units. These include Series 4000, 5000, 6000 recorders and Eycon™ Visual Supervisor.

nanodac™ Recorder / Controller
nanodac™ Recorder / Controller

The ultimate in graphical recording combined with PID control and setpoint programs.

The nanodac™ recorder/controller offers the ultimate in graphical recording combined with PID control for a box of its size. The compact ¼ DIN panel mount unit offers four high accuracy universal inputs for data recording and PID control. This secure data recording device with accurate control is enhanced by a full colour, ¼ VGA display to bring a crystal clear operator interface to even the smallest of machines.

 Data Reviewer
Data Reviewer

Your process data is not only a means of demonstrating compliance for regulatory purposes.

It can also be used to give insights into your production processes, identifying areas where improvements may be made.

The ability to browse and analyse your process data at any time, without the need for application or database expertise, is essential for agility and continuous improvement.

Eurotherm Data Reviewer empowers you to display, analyse, print and share historical data files, however you want, whenever you want.

With the Auditor option, a full audit trail is provided for annotations and excursion information, with user authentication and electronic signatures to facilitate accountability, integrity, and confidentiality of the source data.

Bridge Visualisation Software
Bridge Visualisation Software

Bridge is a powerful, yet easy-to-use, software package providing access to networked 5000 and 6000 Series instrument from any PC anywhere in the world. With the correct security access, the user can view any number of networked 5000 and 6000s using the Local Area Network, dial-up connection, intranet or Internet.

Two versions of Bridge are available – Bridge Lite and Bridge Full.

 6180 AeroDAQ
6180 AeroDAQ

6180 AeroDAQ.

  • Colour touchscreen display
  • USB ‘plug & play’
  • 6 universal Inputs
  • 96MB non-volatile flash memory
  • 125ms parallel sampling
  • Compact Flash
  • Modbus RTU
  • Ethernet TCP/IP
  • Web server

AMS2750E is forcing aerospace suppliers to adopt rigorous procedures for furnace maintenance. The AeroDAQ is designed to help you comply with Aerospace industry standards.

 6100E Paperless Graphic Recorder
6100E Paperless Graphic Recorder

6100E – 6 Channel, Ethernet Communications Paperless Graphic Recorder.

The 6100E brings you Eurotherm excellence in a basic package to ensure you can meet your simple data recording requirements.

  • Advanced data security and archiving
  • 5.5″, 1/4 VGA, Color touch screen display
  • Designed for network and stand alone use
  • FTP client and server
  • Live, remote data viewing and configuration
  • 125ms parallel sampling
TUS Recorder
TUS Recorder

Thermal Uniformity Survey Recorder

The 6000 TUS Recorder provides for the connection of up to 15 (30 channels for 6180A) Thermocouples sensors of any type (J, K, N, R, S, T etc). The sockets are arranged in three rows of 5, each row contains its own reference 4 wire Pt100 RTD sensor. Once installed and wired overall system calibration using the manufacturer’s instructions should be carried out prior to use.

An instrument is field calibrated (refer to the appropriate product installation and operation manual) at an ambient of 25°C. This adjust procedure removes the effects of individual thermocouple errors, CJC error and the input measurement error.

  • 15 High accuracy, universal T/C inputs
  • Sturdy, portable black case
  • 96MB internal memory for local archiving
  • 4GB Compact Flash memory card for additional storage (up to 8GB available)
  • Remote viewing and configuration
  • Automatic data transfer to local database
  • Audit trail
  • Batch functionality
 392 Circular Chart Recorder
392 Circular Chart Recorder

390 Paper Chart Recorder

  • Single chart view of selected recording period
  • Controller and programmer
  • Universal input channels
  • Up to 4 pens
  • IP65 panel sealing option
  • Compact design for convenient location

The 392 is a user configurable 1, 2, 3 or 4 pen, continual trace, 100mm calibrated width circular chart instrument. Current status information is presented on a front panel mounted, high visibility, vacuum fluorescent display.

The modular construction and compact design ensure that is convenient to locate, while being easy to maintain and upgrade.

 versadac™ Scalable Data Recorder
versadac™ Scalable Data Recorder

The versadac™ scalable recorder offers a versatile solution for data recording at point of measurement. Comprehensive security and data integrity make it ideal for use in regulated industries.

6100A / 6180A Paperless Graphic Recorder
6100A / 6180A Paperless Graphic Recorder

Eurotherm 6100A and 6180A Series Data Recorders have been specifically designed to meet industry requirements for data integrity of process records in pharmaceutical, aerospace, automotive and food & beverage applications.

With capacity extendable to 48 precision input channels, and recording interval of as little as 125ms, the 6100 series is self-contained, cost effective and trusted by customers and auditors alike.

Data can be encrypted during transmission to archive or backup servers, using SFTP to prevent interception or falsification of packets. Data redundancy is provided using a store and forward mechanism to avoid data loss if a network connection fails.

 6000XIO Distributed Graphic Recorders
6000XIO Distributed Graphic Recorders

Each 6000XIO instrument has an intuitive, touch screen display to enable operators to clearly view process data in varying formats.  All have onboard Flash data storage capability, Ethernet communications and Compact Flash cards for data archiving.

 Security Manager
Security Manager

Security Manager – A Common Security Tool Across Multiple Ranges.

Security Manager configures:

  • 5000 Series Recorder
  • 6000 Series Recorder
  • Eycon Visual Supervisor
  • Operations Viewer
  • Eurotherm Review & Review Quickchart

Increasingly more and more industries are making the transition to IT technology to resolve Data Acquisition and storage issues.

Dream Report Software
Dream Report Software

Dream ReportTM software from Eurotherm is an integrated reporting solution for industrial automation.  It is designed to be the simplest solution to extract data from almost any data source and automatically provide reports to anybody anywhere.  Built on modern technologies, Dream Report software fits perfectly for both continuous and batch process applications.

  • Automatic and manual report generation
  • Reduce engineering time
  • Web portal for sharing information
  • Continuous and batch reporting
  • Generates secured PDF and export to Excel
  • User Management module for security of your data
  • Multi-lingual support