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Heat sinks

Overheating of equipment is a very real danger in many productions. But the possibilities for diverting the heat are nearly endless. The many different types of heat sinks can often be customized to fit both the physical and temperature conditions in the specific production.

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Heat sinks are cut and delivered in custom length. Customization with holes, drilling, milling and surface treatment is possible.

Surface treatment

  • Anodizing (black, clear, colored)
  • Polishing
  • Electro coloring
  • Passivation
  • Dust Paint

Other treatments

  • Silkscreen
  • Sandblasting
  • Brushed
EasyClick for PCB-applications
EasyClick for PCB-applications

The EasyClick system combines a heat sink and a clip and ensures quick and easy mounting of e.g. TO-220 and TO-247 components. The system has the same effect for heat transfer between heat sink and component as conventional, screw connected systems. But EasyClick has substantial productive advantages.

  • Developed for PCB (Print Circuit Board).
  • Easy mounting with clips in different variants - different pressure and sizes
  • No need for screws etc. for mounting

Heat sinks for Power electronics with special demands for heat distribution. SuperPower heat sinks are made from aluminum or cobber ribs that are put together with a thoroughly tested and patented method. A special resin is used at the joints of the ribs which ensures a good heat distribution and make the heat sink resilient against mechanical resistance.


  • Used for power supply, inverters, UPS systems, telephone systems, in the medical industry and the military

SuperPlate is a heat sink that uses fluids (typically water) or pressurized air as an actively cooling material.

  •           E.g. used for IGBT’s
  •           Diverts the heat from relatively small areas quickly and efficiently
  •           Especially adequate for areas where air cooling is not optimal – for example because of dust

The heat sink is built in with the following options for heat distribution:

  •           Pipes – stainless steel or cobber
  •           Holes – extruded or drilled on special CNC machines
  •           Canals - milled
Standard for PCB-applications
Standard for PCB-applications

For PCB applications we offer a wide range of standard heat sinks. The heat sinks are black anodized with holes and solderable pins for quick and even mounting.
A time-saving solution as many of the heat sinks can also be clip mounted.


Heat sinks for Power electronics with extra high demands for thermal conductivity. Produced according to the same principals as the SuperPower heat sink. But instead of aluminum they are made from either solid cobber (base and ribs) or a combination of cobber and aluminum (cobber base and aluminum ribs).


  •           Used for example in broadcasting systems, Power supply and UPS systems.


  •           Reduces the surface temperature by up to 20% compared to the SuperPower heat sink
  •           Sizes on demand – up to 600 x 800 mm
  •           Processed according to you wishes for holes, screw thread, millings etc.
WaterLess - Cooling with air pressure
WaterLess - Cooling with air pressure

A cooling plate that is cooled using air pressure.

  • The plate itself is built like the SuperPlate
  • Produced in either aluminum or cobber
  • Lighter and smaller than SuperPlate
  • The canals that the pressured air flows through are made like SuperPlate – with either cobber or stainless steel pipes or as milled canals.