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Flange Heaters

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Flange heaters
Flange heaters

Produced according to your design – different types, sizes and effects. We also have an extensive standard program.

Used for heating gasses, fluids and massive media with low melting temperatures.

  •           Produced in stainless steel AISI 316, 321 or incoloy 800
  •           Length: up to 9 meters
  •           Supply voltage up to 700 Volt
  •           Effect up to 5600 kW with temperatures up to 800°C
  •           Termination boxes according to class IP55, IP66 or II2G EEx-d IIC
  •           Produced according to CE-specifications or other recognized international standards
  •           ATEX approved for zone 1 group II 2G, II 2D, I M2, Ex d IIC and Exe is possible
Flange heaters - Custom Made Solution
Flange heaters - Custom Made Solution

Custom made according to your specific wishes and needs.

Used for heating all types of fluids – like water, oil, different gasses, steam, nitrogen, hydrogen and aggressive fluids.

  •           Length up to 9 meters
  •           Supply voltage: up to 700 Volt
  •           Effect: Up to 5600 kW and able to handle temperatures up to max 800°C
  •           Termination boxes according to class IP55, IP66, II2G EEx-d IIC
  •           Made according to international requirements such as PED, ASME and others
  •           Surrounding temperatures from -60°C to +60°C
  •           ATEX approval is possible
Flange heaters - complete solutions
Flange heaters - complete solutions

Complete solutions for heating processes. Assembled in a robust steel frame. Made according to specific requirements and wishes.

  •           Including flange heating element, valves, pumps and control panel with PID control
  •           Temperature and pressure sensors
  •           Overboil and overpressure fuses
  •           II2G EEx-d IIC (ATEX) version also possible