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Electrical heating for the industry is at the same time a broad and specialized area. Broad because the selection of solutions is huge. Specialized because most applications need optimal equipment that fits perfectly. We can always help you with advice and counselling when you need a solution that is adapted to you. Below you will find info about e.g. heating cartridges, nozzle heat tape and different types of infrared heating elements for the industry.

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Liquid heaters - immersion heaters
Liquid heaters - immersion heaters

Solid quality immersion heaters for the industry produced in Germany – available in many sizes and variants. Typically used in the Galvano industry.

  •           Used for heating small and large tubs – for almost all kinds of fluids: water, chemicals, aggressive fluids
  •           Effect from 55W up to 16,5kW

Immersion heaters are produced from the following materials:

  •           Steel
  •           Stainless steel
  •           Glass
  •           Quartz glass
  •           Porcelain
  •           Titan
  •           Incoloy
  •           PTFE (Teflon)
  •           PFA (Teflon)
Corrosion resistant liquid heaters (Teflon)
Corrosion resistant liquid heaters (Teflon)

• Liquid heaters designed for heating aggressive chemicals
• Produced from Teflon
• The cylindrical shape is especially good if space is limited – e.g. in laboratories. Effect from 0,5KW – 15KW.
• The flat shape is good if you need a high effect – up to 15KW, single or 3 phased
• Possibility for fitting adjustable suspension or feet for easy installation
• Possibility for fitting temperature and level sensor and control

Other solutions are also possible, so contact us and tell us about your challenge.

Accessories for liquid heaters - immersion heaters
Accessories for liquid heaters - immersion heaters

Accessories for our selection of liquid heaters – immersion heaters includes:

  •           Level sensor
  •           Thermostat
  •           Temperature sensors
  •           Temperature regulators
  •           Different types of brackets
  •           Different types of plugs
  •           Extra high feet
  •           Cable protection
Material choices for liquid heaters - immersion heater
Material choices for liquid heaters - immersion heater

Our selection of heaters for liquids are made from:

  •           Glass / Quartz glass
  •           Porcelain
  •           Steel / Stainless steel
  •           Teflon (PTFE/PFA)
  •           Incology
  •           Titan

Many parameters come into play when you have to decide which material is best suited for the job:

  •           Is the fluid electrolytic or non-electrolytic?
  •           What type of fluid is it? Water, oil, acid, base?
  •           To and from what temperature do you need to heat the fluid?

To ensure optimal heating and a long-lasting liquid heater we always counsel based on the specific project.


Infrared heating tiles - ceramic
Infrared heating tiles - ceramic

Infrared ceramic heating tiles are efficient and robust heating elements that use long wave infrared radiation.

-Infrared ceramic heating tiles are used in many different industrial processes like:

  • Thermal shaping
  • Vacuo shaping of plastic
  • Paint drying
  • Cellophane wrapping
  • Heating of satellites in space

Variants and qualities

  • Different shapes and dimensions: flat, curvy, long, square or hollow
  • The hollow heating tile has thermal insulation in the cavity and has a 40% shorter heating time compared to conventional heating tiles
  • Effect: Several possibilities – up to 1500W
  • Delivered with or without thermocouple
  • Withstands surface temperatures up to 750°C
Infrared heating elements - Quartz
Infrared heating elements - Quartz

Quartz infrared heating elements use medium wave infrared radiation.


  •           Industrial heating processes where heating time is critical


  •           Up 1000W
  •           Same installation as ceramic heating tiles – easy replacement
Infrared heating elements -Quartz Tungsten / Halogen
Infrared heating elements -Quartz Tungsten / Halogen

Heating elements that heat up and cool down in a matter of seconds, which makes them perfect for systems with a short heating cycle. Capable of handling extremely high temperatures.

Medium to short wave infrared heating elements

  • Extra quick response time
  • Temperatures up to 1500°C

Short wave infrared heating tiles

  • Halogen lamps with short wave infrared heat
  • Temperature up to 2600°C

Ask us about termination, installation and reflectors that are specially developed for quartz tungsten heating elements.

Infrared heating elements - Panel heaters
Infrared heating elements - Panel heaters

Infrared panel heaters are produced according to your specific requests.


  •           Heating surface in anodized aluminum for a more robust surface
  •           Or heating surface in glass ceramics for a more efficient radiation
  •           The heating element is installed in an aluminum house
  •           Thermal insulation behind the heating element reduces heat loss
  •           Very efficient and robust
  •           Typical operational lifetime of 20,000 hours (depending on temperature and other factors)


  •           Drying and hardening
  •           Thermal shaping
Infrared heating elements - FastIR
Infrared heating elements - FastIR

This compact and robust system is an ideal installation for quartz, stone- / glass heating elements.

  •           Very efficient – Highly polished aluminum reflects the heat
  •           The ventilator minimizes convection loss
  •           The outer walls are produced from aluminum and can stay on the temperature that is “touch-safe”