ColdJet keep repair needs at a minimum

ColdJet develop and produce dry ice blowing systems for cleaning, surface treatment and post processing of parts. Their equipment is installed all over the world so it is vital to maintain top quality.

The company was formerly named IceTech but in 2016 American ColdJet bought the company. It is a goal for the new owners to continue the healthy development and with the new colleagues across the Atlantic production is running even faster in Bramming, Denmark. In a busy production it is important the equipment is top quality. Part of that equipment is heating cartridges. You might not instinctively connect dry ice with heating cartridges, but they are a vital part of the machinery and this is where Newtronic comes into play.

We deliver heating cartridges for ColdJet’s production from our internal business partner Rotfil, that have helped ensure a smooth production flow and reliable machinery. ColdJet’s former problems with moist in the heating cartridges was solved with Rotfil’s self-developed water proof sealing.

It is important that the machines don’t need too much maintenance because part of ColdJet’s service to their customers is, that they will send mechanics to all corners of the world to repair and maintain the machines.

We have experienced a good dialogue with Newtronic. The see our challenges as their challenges and quickly solve them. - Jesper Moslund, ColdJet ApS

It certainly doesn’t seem like the development for ColdJet is going anywhere but up in the years to come. In Newtronic we look forward to be part of that journey.

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